This site is a bit of a internet tech hub for many of my DIY server projects. I've had a personal interest in computers and networks since I was a kid. In the 90s, when private networks and internet access were becoming ubiquitous, I became enamored with hosting my own services. While most people who utilize these services have moved on to corporate service providers, I've continued rolling my own, not out of any necessity but because it's fun.

In the navbar above, under the heading "[N]etwork", is a drop down menu with links to some of the services I am hosting locally and that are available either publicly or by personal invitation. These pages will provide users with some history and information about these online services.

It's also a bit of a project portfolio for my technical and creative endevours. Browse through lists of my various music and game development work under "[P]rojects"

Likewise, "[I]nfo" and "[L]inks" will provide a more detailed description of myself and my interests.

Finally, if you want to shoot me an email, "[C]ontact" has you convered.

I think that just about covers it. Good Luck & Have Fun!